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Domain Names

Everything starts with the domain name. A domain name is simply your address on the world wide web. The prefix (www) means worldwide web, the domain is the name of your business and the suffix ( is symbolic of the country where your business is located, for UK companies, for USA based companies, for a German company.

A sub domain is where a large company hosts your website under their main domain name, for instance This really is not a domain name at all, is usually free, and in the context of generating business, completely useless.


E-mail is shorthand term meaning Electronic Mail, and is the most widely used marketing tool of the Internet. It is much the same as a letter, but is sent electronically, therefore is instant.

The first thing you need to send and receive E-mails is an E-mail address This can be created free with an Internet Service Provider such as yahoo, hotmail and lycos, e.g.

If you have your own domain name however, then this gives you a more professional E-mail address, e.g.

Web Design for Barrow Small Businesses

Every small business will benefit from having its own website, especially in Barrow and Cumbria where travelling by road is very time consuming. A New Website is the cheapest and most cost effective marketing available.

Unlike other advertising, a well designed website gives a complete picture of your business and establishes trust and confidence with potential customers.

The most important thing to remember is this is not expensive if you are a local business operating in a local area. The average cost is usually between £150.00 and £250.00, (see prices), for a 3 to 5 page new website designed to the same standard as this site. It will be available 365 days a year 24 hours a day with a guaranteed return on investment. This cost is approximately the same as a one off small block ad in your local paper, available for 1 day, and guarantees nothing. Your new website will never be used for wrapping chips!

The first step is to purchase your own domain names, which usually include hosting facilities. The next step is to design your site, telling your audience and customers everything that you do and why you are better than anyone else. The third step is the one that companies and designers fail to understand - optimise your website so that people can find it. Lastly, upload your site onto the Internet hosting server.

I can register your domain names, set up your hosting and E-mail, design and search engineer your website, and set up Internet marketing campaigns.

Domain Names

Due to the amount of websites available worldwide, finding domain names is becoming very difficult, but are inexpensive, e.g. £10.00 to £20.00 a year. Once registered, the domain name belongs to you for ever, subject to renewal every 2 years. If somebody else has registered your domain name there is very little you can do.

In my opinion every business in the UK should purchase 3 domain names all pointing at the same website. Register the business name as both a and a .com if available, to avoid confusion when your website is found in the Search Engines. Also register a name that reflects your business, e.g.

I will research available domain names for you, and make sure they are registered to your business. Once registered, I can help you set up E-mail facilities and addresses, e.g.


You need space to hold your website and this is this is rented from a host on an annual basis. The host has a large computer called a Server. Each Server has a unique numerical address which is connected to the world wide web via the Internet.

Your website will be given its own unique numerical address and occupy a small amount of space on your hosts server. The rental charge is usually determined by the amount of space required for your site. Remember, you need very little space for even a 20 page website.

The most important thing to know is that hosting companies are not the same, some even hosting your site on a sub domain, where no one will find it. This is an area where serious mistakes are made by companies and professional advise is essential.


The Internet gives small companies a powerful presence in their marketplace but don't be tempted to simply upload a copy of your brochure. website design (graphic design) is not enough. website design needs to be led by practical commercial reasoning. Search engines do not rank websites on graphic content, but on other factors that graphic designers will overlook.

Internet users read 25% quicker on a monitor, so on average you have about 8 seconds to impress a potential customer before they move on to the next website listed in the search engine returns. The best websites strike a balance between relevant graphics and textual content.

Success is achieved by taking ownership and responsibility for all the aspects of your business, and your website is no different. You need to be analytical and set objectives. This is exactly where I come in. I ask you the questions and give you the answers. Amongst many other aspects, we will establish the market to aim for, and then ensure the design of your website will reflect your business professionally to impress potential customers? I will investigate key phrases and plan the Search engineering for you, and also discuss methods of updating the website (content management).

All the elements required for success will be covered. I can design your website incorporating the necessary optimisation, or work with a designer of your choice.


Further information is available on Web Design Barrow



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