20 Reasons to have a Website
1) Your competitors are probably already on the Web.
2) Your Customers are already searching the Web and finding your competitors sites.
Advertising and Marketing
3) Promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
4) Your customers can buy your products and pay for them while sitting at their computers.
5) Your website can reach potential customers locally, nationally or worldwide.
6) Broaden your market by educating and appealing to totally new sectors.
7) Enhances any other advertising you may do.
8) E-mail marketing.
9) A professional and-up-to date image.
10) Improved customer service.
Small Business Development
11) Details of new offers can be sent by E-mail to your current customers and contacts.
12) Test out the reaction to new services or products instantly.
13) Information on your business can be changed immediately whenever you want.
14) Provide information on a regular basis to your company employees.
15) Protect your business with your company domain name.
16) Get a much bigger advert for less money.
17) Keep a track of how many people visit your site.
18) You can get a website up and running for a few hundred pounds.
19) Low maintenance costs.
20) Accurate ROI - Return on Investment - figures.
New Website Design

Premier Internet offers a New Website Design service in Barrow to help in small business development. Our aim is to provide accurate SME web advice, produce quality websites (including basic search engine optimisation) and all for an affordable cost.

Every business will have some idea regarding how they would like their website to look, so this forms the most important point of discussion at the initial consultation. Any website design or functionality is available, but experienced designers know what colours work together and can get a perfect balance between Graphics and textual information.

The trick is to design web site that will reflect well on the business, and make potential clients pick up the phone. If you are proud of your business, then be equally as proud of your presence on the Internet.

When starting a new business keep the design costs down, and use your budget to get your website found.

The following examples give you an idea of the image quality that is available at very keen prices - about £50.00 per page.

I stress these are just examples, I custom build your website to suit your taste and company image.

The images below are thumbnails, so if you click on them a larger image will appear.

website_design_example website_design_small_business
website_design_example2   website_design_cumbria
website_design_lancashire   website_design_example3
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