What You will get


The purpose of the initial consultation is to provide you with information and knowledge. We will examine your internet goals and objectives, identify your resources, discuss your budget, and determined the short term and long term objectives for the website.

I will then show you how to do a keyphrase analysis, how to examine the SEO on your competitors websites, and thus determine costs and returns.

By the end of the consultation you will be so knowledgeable regarding Websites and Internet strategy, you will have the confidence to deal with website companies and not let them misinform you, so no costly mistakes.

To back this up, I will leave you a comprehensive Internet Guidelines brochure for future reference, you can always refer to this website, and I will always be available for a quick phone call.

Web Sites

I can register your domain names, arrange your hosting, set up your e-mail services, design a 5 page website to a similar standard as my own, and include basic SEO, for an initial cost of £350.00 in the first year.

Future Costs - your domain names cost about £10.00 per year, payable biannually, and your hosting with e-mail£29.99 a year.

Maintenance - I can provide you with the facility to update the site yourself from as little as £200.00, or update it for you. A typical update would be an image change which would cost between £5 and £10.00.

These prices are subject to you providing the textual content and imagery, and do not include any future SEO that may be required.


Each business has different internet goals and starting points, and there is always more than one solution.

The whole point of the preliminary consultation is to establish needs and costs, make sure you do not make mistakes, and leave you to make the decisions based on new found knowledge and sound business criteria.

However, websites are the cheapest form of marketing available, so below are some price guidelines. Compare these with the following :

Medium Duration Cost
Local Paper 4" X 2" 1 day £250.00 + per day
Local Paper 1/4 page 1 day £800.00+ per day
Local Radio 3 times a day 1 month £1,000.00+ per month
Yellow Pages 4" X 2" 1 Year £350.00+ per year
Website - 5 pages 1st Year £300.00 per year
  2nd year £ 29.99 per year

The most important thing to remember is that a website,unlike other forms of marketing, will convey your message in fine detail and is quantifiable in terms of expected returns.

These prices are not set in stone, but they provide a good guide to help you with your small business plans.

Initial Consultation - on site 1st Hour Free
Future Consultation - subject dependent from Free
Web Sites
Domain Names (with e-mail) (biannual) £ 20.00
  .com (biannual) £ 30.00
  other P.O.A
Hosting (with 5 e-mail accounts) - Standard (p.a.) £ 29.99
  - Secure (p.a.) £ 49.99
Design (text and images supplied) - 3 page (inc. basic SEO) £150.00
  - 5 page (inc. basic SEO) £200.00
Customisation (images supplied) - Banner & Logo £ 75.00
  - Photo Gallery £ 75.00
Content Management - Simple text and Images P.O.A
  - Full Site P.O.A
Functionality Pages - ( Forums, Blogs etc.) £125.00
E-commerce - Online shop set up £200.00
  - Product upload (per 10) £100.00
Database - can be complicated P.O.A
Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy
Existing site analysis - recommendations £60.00 + £10.00 per page
Key phrase research - inc. ROI report £60.00
Content Writing - fully optimised £75.00 per page
Link Building - standard directories £100.00 (10 links)
  -premium directories £250.00 (10 links)
  - PR articles £75.00 (10 links)
Search Engine Marketing
Key phrase research - inc. ROI report £60.00
Key phrases (per month) - competition dependent PPC cost + 15%


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