SEM – Key to Success

It is absolutely essential that your SEM campaign is based on good key phrase research, that will give you a return on investment.

To many campaigns use key phrases that have no traffic on them, and even worse, pay to much for a keyphrase. A keyphrase may be very expensive in Google, and not in Overture.

As well as how much you are paying, Google takes into account the quality of your ad by tracking the click through rate.

You may be at the top but are you getting enough business to warrant the expenditure. Keyphrase research guarantees an ROI.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is simply paid for search engine advertising. In Overture it is known as PPC (Pay Per Click), and in Google as Google Adwords.

SEM is a key phrase auction, you buy your way to the top to get instant rankings. Every key phrase has a price, which is determined by how much your competition is willing to pay, and every time your website is clicked on via your advert, you pay the search engine. By paying more than your competitors for a particular search term, you will appear above them. The adverts appear on the right hand side of the search engine returns page, rather than in the main body.

It is not the same as SEO, (Search Engine Optimization). SEO requires changes made to your website. SEM is just a basic form of advertising. The Search Engines paid results indicate "sponsored", but they're still at the top of the pile.

An effective internet campaign will usually involve both SEM and SEO activities.

Search Engine Marketing – Advantages

Coming up at the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN gives you an enormous advantage over your competition.

A Pay Per Click campaign gives you instant high ranking, indisputable results and statistics you can use immediately to form a basis for the future.

Your campaign can be controlled by adhering to to precise budgets, limiting costs, guaranteeing ROI, and minimizing risk. Your campaign can be switched on or off at any time.

What other advertising medium offers that?

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