Search Engines go Local?

As high speed internet becomes the norm, the thick Yellow Page directories are fast becoming doorstops. More and more people are searching for local businesses online, and they're finding your competitors.

Search engines are now focusing on what they call “local search”, and Google recently launched "Google local" where local businesses can appear at the the top of the search engines for local searches. Online Local directory listings are becoming very important, just look at and at as examples of what the future will bring.

Search Engines are pulling these local listings from the national online directories, especially Yellow pages, but there are are dozens to choose from. Only a few of these directories, however, will do you much good depending on the industry you're trying to promote, and the competition.

Within the Directories, your business will only be found in the search engines if the actual directory is returned in the top listings for your search terms. The other disadvantage of appearing in the directories is that the customer has to click quite a few times to find you, and your business will appear in a listing along with all your competitors.

The directory listing can help you by providing an “incoming links” to your website. The number of links there are, how relevant the linking page is, and how popular the linking website is, are all factors in determining your SERP rankings. Therefore, having a listing (with a link) in a popular local directory gives your site more credibility, and ultimately better SERPS.

Local Directories are being set up and are poised to take over all the regions of the country. In an effort to establish dominance, some of them are free right now, and all of them offer an incredible bargain compared to the print directories that are sitting in your closet or drawer.

This article has been reproduced with kind permission from Scott Hendison, who is a computer & internet consultant living in Portland Oregon and works with companies all over the world. His website is


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