Initial Consultation

What are your goals and objectives?

What resources are at your disposal?

What are your staff and budgetary constraints?

What type of website will you need?

How much will it cost to be be competitive?

Will it be profitable for you once you get there?

How do you determine your ROI (Return On Investment)?

How hard are your competitors working at this?

If you have a current website, where is your current traffic coming from?

What is an Internet Adviser?

I help small businesses within Cumbria determine their needs and achieve their goals on the world wide web.

A good Internet Adviser will ask a lot of questions, since there are always several ways to accomplish any internet based goal. However, even more important, a good Internet Adviser will LISTEN.

Depending on your needs, your budget, and your projected growth, there may be a wide range of choices, and only an experienced and knowledgeable Internet Adviser can help you make the right decisions for your future.

I make no apologies for repeating my warning from my home page. There are many companies preying on businesses that do not have enough knowledge of the Internet. These are not Internet Advisers, they are Salesman, have very little knowledge, and grossly overcharge. I would strongly advise against committing yourself to anything over the phone, before checking out the company's credentials.

Below are just some of the initial services I offer. I will always be available for my clients to advise on future developments, as and when required. .

Main Services

Initial Consultation

Domain name registration, Web hosting and Web Design.

Professional E-mail set up

Key phrase research and competition analysis

Search Engine optimisation

Competition Link and Content analysis

Key Phrase Return on Investment reports.

Link Building Campaigns

Content Building

Pay per click Campaigns

Existing website SEO reports including optimisation, keyphrase research, current rankings and competition analysis.

Internet Adviser and web design costs

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